Wednesday 30 October 2019

A Complete Guide to Survive Your PhD Dissertation

If you have been assigned a PhD dissertation writing task, you must be feeling overwhelmed with so much to do and see as this is no easy thing to do especially when you have so many other things to focus on. Writing a dissertation is the most important thing if you are looking forward to getting your PhD degree on time and with flying colors too.

There are many things that can make the writing of a PhD dissertation easy; research and lots of reading, the ability to write well and using the right vocabulary and words to make readers understand what you are trying to say as well as proper proofreading and editing to make sure everything makes sense. All this can be tough to understand if you are working on a dissertation for the first time but this is all very necessary. You cannot expect to get your doctorate degree unless you work on the dissertation and present a well-written, well-researched and properly composed paper to the teacher. 

Here is a complete guide to surviving your PhD dissertation writing tasks and getting good grades in the long run too:

Focus on the task

The first and the most important thing to do when you are trying to write a good dissertation for your PhD degree is focusing on the task and taking time to understand what needs to be done. Unless you focus on the task, pay attention to the topic and subject and conduct research, you will not be able to begin working on the project. Make sure you discuss everything with the teacher and know perfectly well how to proceed. 

Conduct extensive research

Research is the most important part of working on a dissertation; make sure to consult all the books and reading material that has been provided by the professor in this regard so that you do not miss out any important point while writing the paper. A dissertation is nothing but a long and highly research piece of content on any given topic and subject and you need to conduct comprehensive and detailed research to come up with vital pieces of information to write a top quality paper. 

Study and choose relevant content

You just cannot collect information and begin to write the dissertation; after you are done collecting information it is time to study it and choose content that is relevant to your dissertation and use it in the best way so that it makes sense to the readers. You are writing the dissertation because you want to let the readers know more about the topic that you are handling and presenting arguments and evidence in its support and it is impossible to do it without some study and hard work. Make sure to take notes so that you know which portion is important and how it should be used in the dissertation to add more value to the paper. 

Write consistently

The most important thing to know when you begin writing the dissertation is being consistent with the style of writing and making sense. You should avoid using language that is too flowery or too technical as it will not make much sense to the reader; it should be in a form which is easy to comprehend and the message is clear and simple. Whether it is a science dissertation or an arts one, it should be intelligible and provide information that is factual and supported by evidence as this is the only way you will be able to impress the professor and gain desired grades. 

Do not waste time or take long breaks 

When you finally begin writing the dissertation after collecting information and assimilating it, it is best to keep on writing without wasting time or taking long breaks as you might forget what you were doing. Long breaks end up distracting you from the main point and you might not remember what you were trying to say and how you were forming the argument. Keep on writing even if you think that you are not doing a great job as you can edit and proofread later and give your dissertation a renewal at a later stage. 

Don’t forget to edit the paper

Editing and proofreading are the most key parts of surviving a PhD dissertation. It is because once you are done writing, you forget all about the mistakes you made and what you have forgotten to include unless you begin to go over things again. Read and reread the paper and you will be able to make some major corrections and modifications that make the paper ready for presentation.

Saturday 19 October 2019

5 Teaching Strategies To Deliver Better Lectures

The teaching profession is a very honorable profession. A good teacher is the builder of a nation. A country can gain success in every filed if she has good teachers, because, teachers prepare students to become a hard worker in the future. However, the teaching method is completely changed then the old once. Therefore, most teachers don’t know how to teach well and good performance of the students. In this post, the professional writer of dissertation writing services company will discuss 5 teaching strategies to deliver better lectures.

1. Have an object

Delivering a good lecture is not difficult for a teacher. We know that a teacher who is expert in teaching, always deliver a lecture with a clear object. Delivering a lecture without having an object will not be informative for the students. You should give detail about your topic. If students know the detail about the topic then they will learn it very easily. You should highlight the main points of the lesson and tell them what you are going to learn from this lesson. Most teachers don’t explain the real meaning topic and they taught to the students just according to their wish. You should tell the students that every chapter has a lesson for us and we should learn from it. The best lecture should be like talk and story. As we know that students learn a story type lecture very easily. 

2. Preparation 

If you will make preparation for your lecture then it will increase your confidence. If you are a teacher and want to improve your delivering style then you should keep in mind some points. If you will make preparation then it will create effectiveness in your presentation. Write a clear introduction that can engage the attention of the reader. Crafting an outline will show the view that what you are going to explain. Don’t give demonstrations to your lesson, because, students are unable to understand demonstrations. You should clear your point of view in simple words. You should deliver a lecture in epigrammatic style, because, a long conclusion will create a sense of boredom. Don’t give a complete detail of the topic in one lecture; indeed, you should limit the point in one lecture. You can use effective visual, analogies and examples that can reinforce the encouragement of the students. Before starting the lecture, you should share all your important notes with the students. Make sure that students understand your point of view. 

3. Basic Presentation Skills

Most people have a lot of experience in presenting their ideas as well as views. In teaching you don’t need to become a showman that can deliver a lecture, indeed, you should possess basic presentation skills. Most teachers read the lecture as they are reading a book. Avoid making eye contact during the lecture. Don’t refer to the notes frequently, because, it will create a sense of boredom. You should understand the situation of the students that their minds are unable to understand all the points perfectly. 

4. Compliment Positive Behavior And Hard Work

If you want to get good feedback from your students then you should be a hard worker. A good and intelligent teacher can deliver a good lecture. Make sure that all the students understand your lecture well. If you are teaching tough questions and students are unable to understand then you should control your behavior. Give proper information to the students in order to gain their good grades. You should keep in mind that if students will not understand your lecture then they will not able to do it perfectly. Positive and polite behavior will leave a good impression over the students and student will like you. Therefore, you should give positive compliment to the students in order to watch their good performance. Don’t hesitate to share all the problems with students, in this way you can deliver a good lecture. 

5. Be Mobile 

When you are getting test and lecture in the classroom then you should act like a mobile. You should use all the resources in order to deliver a better lecture. You can use technology and give them examples of technology. If you want to get your students engage in the study then move around the entire classroom. Most professors use cooperative learning techniques that are really helpful in order to deliver a good lecture. You should use whiteboard in order to give a better understanding of your point of view. Keep the students mind effective by moving their hands. Tell the students what are your expectation from the students.

Wednesday 2 October 2019

5 Barriers to Education You Should Know When You Study Abroad

To study abroad is valuable for students in various ways like it provides an opportunity to students to learn new things, students can visit new places and it provides an opportunity to make new friends all around the world. While studying abroad, the way of thinking of students also broadens. After getting a degree from the best university, students can also avail the best job opportunities. Along with these benefits, students also face some barriers while studying abroad. Five barriers to education when you study abroad are given below by dissertation writing service;

1) Language barrier

The language barrier is known as the most important challenge for students to study abroad. Even if you are going to study in that country where the same language is spoken, you will also face lots of problems to understand their local accent. On the other hand, if you are going for studies in such a country where a totally different language is spoken, you will face lots of problems as well as frustrating issues. The best way to overcome the language barrier before going to abroad is to use some online tools like Duolingo.

2) Budget

No doubt, money is the major problem for all students all around the world but if you are going to study abroad, this problem will be increased. Its reason is while studying abroad, you will have to manage lots of things like university tuition fees, exam fees, travelling expenditures, hostel dues, mess dues and much more. The best way to overcome this barrier is to calculate your budget carefully and take an overview of all the deviations. After calculating your budget, you should think about how to control your budget.

3) Homesickness

While studying abroad, you have to live away from your parents and friends. If all matters are going well, study abroad will be a good experience for students. On the other hand, if you have to face critical problems, you will feel what actually loneliness is. Mostly, students face this problem during the first semester. During the first semester, students should build their social circle and they should get enough familiarity with the new city. As a result, in the remaining semesters, he can easily involve himself in this social circle.

4) Staying motivated

During the transitioning period, students face lots of problems at the new university. Its reason is that they have to listen to a lecture in a foreign language. If they are not able to understand lectures in the second language, it is hard for them to sit in a lecture hall. Under such a situation, the motivation level of students will be lowered. They should understand that the only way to overcome this problem is to stay committed to their studies.

5) To stay healthy

It is a common proverb that a sound body has a sound mind. When most of the students go abroad for higher education, they get ill. Its reason is that they are not able to adjust themselves in the new environment. After getting ill, they are not able to pay full attention to studies. Under such a situation, students should not panic at all and they should go to the nearby clinic. The specialist doctors will provide the best medicine and suggestions to adjust themselves to a new environment.

About the author:

Ana Rudolf is a research writer affiliated with a dissertation writing service provider company. She helps and guides students in writing, editing their academic writing tasks. She also writes on social issues, problems of youth and other topics of her interests in her free time